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Bakels 18-03-14-274 (Mobile)BAKELS Artisan Bread Complete is a clean label powdered bread mix with added sour dough which only requires the addition of water and yeast for the production of top quality crusty, artisanal style breads such as baguettes and Ciabatta.

Artisan Bread Complete delivers a firm crunchy crust, with the delicious flavour and aroma normally associated with sour doughs in less than three hours, as only 60 minutes bulk fermentation is required.

However, it has the appearance and eating qualities of long process breads. The crumb has the uniform yet pleasant open and waxy texture of artisan breads and is light and truly mouth watering to eat. The aroma is excellent.

Artisan Bread Complete gives bakers the opportunity to produce and sell top of the range artisanal products with ease – and certainly without overnight fermentation. The unrivalled quality and consistency of breads produced from Artisan Bread Complete really stand out from other crusty goods. With their distinctive and appetising appearance they really do eat and taste as good as they look.

When following the standard recommended recipe incorporating 70% water, it offers an increased yield, offering excellent cost in use benefits.

In summary

  • Clean label
  • Product consistency
  • No sponge dough required
  • One hour bulk fermentation
  • Versatile application
  • Added aroma and flavour
  • Unique appearance

Artisan Bread Complete is suitable for both hand moulding and specialist automated equipment and is available in 12.5kg bags.

Available from BAKO and BFP Wholesale.

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