Bakels launches Gluten-Free Multiseed consumer brand

Bakels has launched its first consumer brand – Gluten-Free Multiseed Bread Mix.

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Aimed at coeliacs who like to bake, along with health conscious consumers looking to cut down on gluten, Bakels Gluten-Free Multiseed Bread Mix is now available to the UK baker through national whoelsalers BAKO and BFP Wholesale.

Says Greg Woodhead, Product Development Manager of Bakels: “This is our first entry into the consumer market but we are not setting ourselves up in competition to our bakery customers. Retail bakers are unable to offer their own range of gluten-free breads as they have to be produced under the most stringent conditions in a gluten-free unit.

“As a result, bakers are missing out in this growing market where at least 10 per cent of consumers are looking to eradicate – or at least cut back – on gluten. Bakers can now tap into that market by offering our baking mix.

“We are supplying excellent point of sale material, along with quality merchandising units and customers of our top selling Multiseed bread mix will know how successful this can be in driving sales.”

Bakels describes the new mix as ‘the next generation in gluten-free bread’ saying it offers a ‘softer crumb, greater volume and a more open crumb structure’ giving it a better taste and mouth feel than existing gluten-free breads.

Adds Greg Woodhead: “We have brought all our years of experience as a bakery ingredients manufacturer to bear in this launch. We started with the premise ‘why should coeliacs have to compromise on quality’. We have used new starch blends, combined with the latest clean label enzymes and emulsifier technology to develop this new product which looks and tastes like standard bread.

“Many existing gluten-free breads are short in texture which makes them look quite ‘cakey’, they can also contain upwards of 15% fat, almost treble that of our brand.”

Consumers simply add water and dried yeast to the mix to produce a 300g loaf. It can be made either in a tin or with a bread maker. The recommended retail price of £2.99 offers a 36% return on sales to the retailer.

Bakels claims its Gluten-Free Multiseed Bread Mix offers quality, freshness and is easy to bake. Unlike many gluten free breads, it toasts well and is a good carrier for sandwiches. Consumers can also add ingredients such as cheese and onion to mix to develop their own recipes and it tastes great with jam. The mix can be used to make gluten-free cookies and tear and share bread.  Says Greg Woodhead: "It's just like bread – but gluten-free.”

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Brand extensions for gluten-free artisan and white bread are also in the pipeline, along with plans for a gluten-free Brownie Mix.

In addition to the point of sale material and quality merchandising units, the launch is also being supported by a public relations campaign in specialist titles, health and women’s magazines, a consumer website and instruction videos on how to use the mix.

For more information, please contact Alan Gordon, Merlin Publicity, on 01474 704225 or 07904 174411

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