Mediterranean flavours from Bakels

Bakels, is helping bakers bring the flavours of the Mediterranean to their customers with its new Mediterranean Bread Concentrate.

Mediterranean Bread Concentrate contains a selection of delicious ingredients such as basil and garlic flavours, dried mixed peppers, toasted onions, paprika, tomato powder and oregano.

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Bread and rolls produced from the mix have a distinctive flavour and pizza-like aroma and, when filled with continental cheeses, cold meat, salami, pastrami and so on will enhance take away lines and increase sales.

When used on a 50/50 ratio with flour, plus yeast and water, the concentrate provides characteristic Mediterranean style bread and rolls with an appetising appearance and delicious savoury flavour.

Whether using either no time or long process doughs, a wide variety of bread, rolls and pizza

bases can quickly and easily be produced from this one mix, without the need for the baker to carry a range of spices, herbs and other specialised raw materials.

Bakels Mediterranean Bread Concentrate is available in 8kg bags.

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