Lecitem helps improve Stephens’ award winning Scotch Rolls

With 180 employees, 14 shops and 140 franchises André Sarafilovic, managing director of Stephens Bakery in Dunfermline, can certainly claim to be an award winning baker.

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The 2013 Scottish Baker of the Year winner also holds several Baking Industry Awards and no fewer than 20 Product Category Awards in the World Savoury Championships while his top selling line - Scotch Morning Rolls – was also voted Best Morning Roll in Scotland in both 2012 and 2013.

Stephens has developed a proprietary premix for its Scotch Rolls which is batch made and used over a number of days. While André remains tight lipped about the secret recipe he is happy to talk about the improver he uses – Lecitem Premium Paste.

“We switched to Lecitem several years ago,” André recalls. “We originally used a powdered improver which we found difficult to disperse in the recipe and there was also the issue of health and safety with a powdered improver.

“We then switched to a liquid improver and, while that overcame the problem of dust in the bakery, we still found issues with dispersal in the recipe. Bakels, manufacturers of Lecitem, then introduced us to the premium paste and we haven’t looked back.

“We find the paste disperses easily into the recipe and it is a very stable product. It is not affected by the salt and the other ingredients we use in the recipe. We batch make this pre-mix and use it over a couple of days. The product doesn’t lose performance during that time and it goes down our line perfectly.

“The use of Lecitem Premium Paste adds about a ½p to the cost of our Scotch Rolls. As far as we are concerned this is money well spent as it is our top selling line and we’ve twice been voted Best Morning Roll in Scotland.

“We’ve used the product for several years now and I would highly recommend it.”

Stephens case study1 (Mobile)Lecitem Premium Paste is a blend of emulsifiers, enzymes and vegetable oils and does not contain soya flour. It is suitable for use in all types of mixers and processes on the no time dough method, providing bread and rolls with excellent volume and fresh keeping qualities.

It is economical to use at the recommended usage level, based on the flour weight of ½% in bread and 1% in rolls and wholemeal goods, which is half the quantity of conventional bread improvers.

The soft consistency and ease of scaling are additional benefits while reducing dust levels, minimising occupational allergies and providing a healthier working environment.

Lecitem Premium Paste Improver is available in 10kg plastic pails.

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