Multiseed - the feel good bread

Get set for the January sales with our exciting new promotion package

Multiseed sales soar in January as consumers eat more sensibly after the excesses of the festive season.

Bakels helps drive this trend with our excellent with point of sale material. Our theme for 2016 is ‘The feel good bread’ because that is what bakers tell us that their customers think about Multiseed.vid-thumbnail

Bakers tell us that consumers buy Multiseed because of its flavour and keeping qualities. They also appreciate that Multiseed is a source of fibre, is low in fat and contains a range of seeds which are a good source of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Our January point of sales campaigns have a proven track record. We have had regular feedback where bakers have reported a 20 per cent uplift in sales.

Multiseed is the top selling bread in terms of both value AND volume for many bakers - so a 20 per cent uplift is a terrific money spinner.

Any bakery customer – both existing and new - who sells Bakels Multiseed is entitled to take part in this FREE promotion.

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There’s an A3 poster, bread wraps and stickers to ensure that Multiseed stands out on shelf to encourage purchase.

It’s a comprehensive support package to help you increase sales and profits in January but the real prize is that consumers who try Multiseed will come back for more – and that it commands a great price and offers fantastic margins.

So place your order with BAKO or BFP Wholesale depot and call 01869 356400 to order your FREE point of sale material


What bakers say about Multiseed

Bakels Multiseed is still made to the same exacting recipe that it was when we launched it 11 years ago. It really is ‘The original – and still the best’. But don’t just take our word for it – see what your fellow bakers have to say

“Sour dough with Multiseed – sales are growing all the time”
Garry Reeve
Reeve the Baker

Gary Reeve, owner of 11 high quality retail bakery outlets knows a thing or two about Speciality Bread – he should do as he won the Speciality Bread Award at the 2015 Baking Industry Awards.

The company has a proud record of innovation and quality and launched a new variety of sour dough bread earlier this year – Gary added Bakels Multiseed to his famous sour dough recipe and now commands £3.95 for the bread you can see him holding.

Says Gary: “Bakels original Multiseed is been a top seller for us for many years. Our sour dough breads are also a winner so we decided to combine both products to produce this new bread. Our sour dough with Multiseed is clearly a more of a niche product but it is already in our top 20 and sales are growing all the time.”

The original Multiseed bread is one of Gary’s top five lines in a business where the baking is to the incredibly high standards that you would expect from the winner of the Speciality Bread Award.

Says Gary: “Multiseed is a very good product, it eats well, keeps well and we marketed it originally on its low Gi health benefits. However it is the flavour that sells it.”

Gary charges £2.95 for an 800g loaf.

“Voted the best bread in Scotland”

Cameron Ross
Production Director
JG Ross Bakers

Inverurie based craft bakery and family owned business J G Ross was awarded the Best in Scotland at the Scottish Bakers Awards for their Multiseed bread, made using Bakels’ Multiseed Bread Concentrate.

Said managing director Cameron Ross: “We made the final thanks to our customers voting it their favourite bread and then a panel of independent judges voted us the best overall.

“We love this product. There are two markets for Multiseed bread - the healthy eating market and those customers who enjoy eating good bread.

“Multiseed is an extremely tasty, highly seeded bread with wonderful flavours. It's the flavours that sell it."

“We launched Multiseed more than 10 years ago. It’s our top selling loaf which also offers us our best margins”

Chris Freeman
Managing Director
Dunn’s Bakery

North London baker Chris Freeman was one of the first into the market with Bakels Multiseed – and he has been one of the most innovative when it comes to using the product. He has developed wholemeal, Cranberry loaf and Hot Cross Bun variations using Multiseed as well as using it in sandwiches as “it makes a great carrier”.

Says Chris: “Multiseed is a great product for us. We used to market it as Low Gi but we stopped doing that once we learned we could no longer make that claim. I have to say that dropping the Low Gi claim has had no negative affect whatsoever on our business as the bread is so well established.

“It is a great tasting loaf, it keeps very well but it is the flavours that sell it.”

Chris (left) is pictured with his son who is also a director in the business

“It’s a very good product – it not only tastes well, it keeps well

Graham Nash
Nash’s Bakery

Graham Nash was one of the early customers when Bakels launched Multiseed some 11 years ago.

“It’s a very good product – and sales just keep on growing,” says Graham. “We achieve £1.40 for a 400g loaf and £2.38 for 800g. It’s our most expensive bread but it’s also one of our top sellers. Customers really do appreciate the quality as it not only tastes nice but it also keeps well.

Graham originally marketed the bread as Low Gi but has since dropped the claim as it is not a legal term. Has it affected sales? “No it hasn’t as I don’t think that most people know what it means.

"We've listed Multiseed for the past six years and it's now one of our top three lines - a tremendous success. It's the flavour that sells it"

Mike Holling
Retail Sales Manager
Birds of Derby

Mike Holling not only thinks that Multiseed Bread is a top seller - he also thinks it tastes great which is why he eats at home.

"It has been a huge success for us since we rolled it out across all our shops," says Mike, Retail Sales Manager of Birds of Derby who service some 50 shops from a central bakery. "It has definitely helped our bread sales increase and those customers who try the product stay loyal to it."

Mike puts the reasons for success down to the fact customers are looking for healthy eating products and that Country Oven has the added benefits of "a great taste and texture with excellent keeping qualities. I'm happy to eat it at home".

Birds of Derby sell a 400g loaf and a cob. Says Mike: "This is a premium product which allows us to attain a premium price."

"It's got very good flavours and first class keeping qualities. It's one of our top lines - a premium product that has done very well for us"

David Smart
Production Director
Greenhalgh's Craft Bakery

Education and professional promotion are the keys to success when it comes to selling healthy breads, according to David Smart, Production Director of Lancashire-based Greenhalgh's Craft Bakers.

Says Mr Smart: ""We need to both educate customers as to why they should be eating more healthy breads and we need to promote our breads as effectively as the major breakfast cereal manufacturers such as Weetabix and Nestle who invest heavily in consumer advertising.”

Multiseed is in Greenhalgh's top five bread lines.

"It is a great tasting product. Our customers can't believe that such superb bread can also be so good for you"

Lewis Maclean
Managing Director
Maclean's Highland Bakery

"Absolutely fantastic," is Lewis Maclean's answer when he's asked how well Bakels Multiseed performs for him. It's his top selling bread line and the number three line when it comes to bread rolls.

Four generations of Macleans have been Scottish Master Bakers and the family today manage three elements in their Bakery business - their traditional craft bakery, retail shops and wholesale customers as well as biscuit production.

Lewis has introduced a healthy sandwich range which includes Multiseed bread - and a healthy 15 per cent premium over his standard sandwich range. Sales are excellent.

"The feedback from our customers is fantastic," adds Lewis. "It has shown steady growth since we launched it a couple of years ago and we now have a great reputation among our customers for the Multiseed bread. Our customers can't believe that such superb bread can also be so good for you. It's by far the most exciting looking bread product we offer and I easily achieve £1.09 for a 400g loaf."

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