Seasonal treats from Bakels

Great ideas for Easter

We've got 8 easy to use recipe ideas for Easter treats using:

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Bakels Multimix Cake Base: Multimix has been developed to enable the baker to produce an exciting range of cakes from this one mix/ It is an exciting versatile mix which only needs the the addition of water, egg and oil. Traditional cake bases and sheet lines can be produced quickly and easily providing cakes with excellent volume, moist and even texture, good shelf life and delicious eating.

Bakels Kokomix: Kokomix is a complete mix which needs only cold water to produce a wide variety of top quality moist eating coconut lines. It has a delicious coconut flavour with excellent fresh keeping qualities.

Bakels Millionaires Caramel: Millionaire’s Caramel a true caramel, containing butter and full cream condensed milk which contributes to its rich creamy flavour and mouth-watering colour. It has a soft eating texture and once applied to the shortbread sets sufficiently on cooling to cut cleanly with no flow.

All products are available from BFP Wholesale and BAKO.

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