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The growth of artisan bread is a huge opportunity for the baker. The rule of thumb is that artisan loaves and baguettes achieve double the price of their standard white equivalents.

Bakels Artisan Bread Complete is an easy way to enter this sector. It delivers the flavour and aroma associated with sour doughs that require bulk fermentation of up to 24 hours. Many only need mixing with water and yeast and be allowed to bulk ferment for just one hour.What puts many bakers off is artisan breads are expensive to produce in terms of time and labour. A bulk ferment can take up to 60 hours and skilled bakers are needed to produce the breads.

Bakels Artisan Bread Complete has seen growth in excess of 240 per cent over the past 12 months as bakers enter the artisan bread market and discover just how lucrative it can be.

This is one of the easiest ways of doubling your money.

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1. Open a bag of Bakels Artisan Bread Complete and mix with flour, water and yeast
2. Allow to bulk ferment for just 60 minutes
3. Mould and bake

Artisan Bread Complete is a clean label improver which delivers a firm crunchy crust. It offers the delicious flavour and aroma normally associated with sour doughs that normally require a bulk fermentation period of up to 24 hours. The crumb has the open and waxy texture of artisan breads.

Recommended recipe incorporates 70% water, offering an increased yield and excellent cost in use benefits. Artisan Bread Complete is suitable for both hand moulding and automated equipment. Available in 12.5kg bags.

Artisan Bread Complete – and its sister product Artisan Bread 7% - Available from BAKO and other leading wholesalers. Call 01869 356400 for details of your nearest stockist

See for yourself just how easy it is to make quality Artisanal Breads with Bakels Artisan Bread CompleteDSC01446 (Mobile) (Custom)

Watch this interview with David Hall from the London Bread and Cake Company on the opportunities that artisan breads offer

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