Millions of ideas with Bakels Millionaires Caramel

Think Bakels Millionaire’s Caramel is for shortbread only then think again!

Click on our exciting new recipe book for loads of great ideas.

Bakels Millionaire’s Caramel is made with traditional ingredients such as butter and full cream condensed milk which give it a rich creamy flavour and mouth-watering colour.

It is the perfect ingredient for lines of sheer indulgence – and superb profits.

Millionaire’s Caramel is ready to use straight from the pail. It simply needs to be heated to between 45 - 60°C (113 - 140°F) and poured or spread onto the prepared base. It is packed in a 12.5kg pail. It has a soft eating texture and once applied sets sufficiently on cooling to cut cleanly with no flow.

Available from BAKO and other leading wholesalers. Call 01869 356400 for details of your nearest stockist

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