British Bakels has a team of product developers and bakery technologists who ensure that our products are continually updated to utilise the latest technology. Tailor made solutions are at the centre of our service to Industrial and Instore Bakers but can also be provided to Craft bakers if volumes are sufficient.

Bakels development and applications staff are part of a worldwide network of expert product developers and application specialists.


In recent years British Bakels have -

  • Healthy bread options and confectionery solutions.
  • Pioneered the introduction of Liquid Bread Improvers and Dough Conditioners.
  • Introduced RTU Custards and Tart Jellies in convenient piping bags.
  • Developed a range of Gluten Free products.
  • Carried out extensive research into improving the quality of pizzas and burger buns.
  • Introduced a range of Fudge Icings based on the latest sugar technology.

The Future

R & D is at the centre of our philosophy of growth through providing our customers with the means to satisfying their customers.

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